Cultural life

Od | Zasláno do sekce Angličtina | Ve 02-10-2008


The cultural life covers going to the theatre, cinema, museum, exhibition or visiting varios castels, chateaux or ruins. The another source of knowledge and cultur is reading books, magazines or newspapers.
Cinemas and theatres are the most popular cultur activities. Going to the cinema like mostly the young people. But nowdays are the tickets expensive, so people don´t visit cinema very often. They see it rather on the computer. In small town there is one building together for theatre and for cinema. The films aren´t screening every day and the theatre performances are very rarely. In the bigger cities there can be more theatres and special cinemas – multicinemas or 3D cinema, which is in our country in Prague. There is also the National Theatre in Prague. Tickets are expensive there and must be bought well in advance. But for person, who loves theatre is it the huge experience.
In the theatre or cinema there are stalls, boxes and circle for audience. Admit the stalls there are the aisles. The construction of a theatre is much more demanding than the construction of a cinema. For projection all that´s needed is movie scren and reel of film. In the theatre there os stage with varios lighting effect. Behind the stage there is the backstage area. At the beginning and end of each performance a curtain rises and falls. In the course of performance actors appear in different costumes and masks.
In the theatre we can also see some musicals, which are very popular or a concert, for example the concert of classical music. The most known componer of classical music are Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák or Ludvig van Beethoven.
The exhibitions are in big cities. The most frequent are the picture exhibitions. The exhibition may present the work of single artist or sometimes it presents the work of several artists on a single theme. The exhibition visit mostly people, which like art or students of art schools.
Not every town has a museum. A visit to the museum contribute to our education. There are many kinds of museums. These can be museums of history, agriculture, industry etc. Often there is a guide who takes us around the museum exhibits, his explanations help us understand all that we see. Most museums are concentrated in our capital, Prague.
The books and newspaper are the another source of cultur. Most newspapers are daily. Some are national, some are local. Magazines are weekly or monthly. Some newspapres are tabloids. These are usually the popular press and they often have a larger circulation. The more serios newspaper are bigger in size.
I have not much time for cultur, but I like it. In our town, there is not many opportunities for cultural life. There is one building for cinema and theatre, small museum in the town hall and the libraly. I don´t go often to the cinema, I prefer to see it on computer, but wenn there a good film is sreening, I go. I like comedies and some psychological movies. I like czech movies, I think they are usually very good. I don´t like the war movies.
No very much young people like going to the theatre, but I do. It is allways great experience. I usually go to the theatre in our town or at time I go with my mother in Prague. I was already in the National Theatre. I was there on ballet The tame of the bad woman and it was really very nice. We also go to the theatre with our school.
I went sometime on musicals in Prague before. I have seen Dracula, Hamlet, Evita, Joan from Ark … The Dracula was for me the best musical. It was really good. It was playing, at time, when the musicals became popular. Nowdays there are many musicals, but I think they are not so good.
From childhood I like reading. I visit libraly and I read very often. I don´t read newspapers, I rather see the news. I prefer some magazins for girls or tabloids. The books that I read are novels, some romances or required reading. The required reading is some time good and the oppinion that it is always awful is not true.
Despite the fact that we nowdays have less and less free time, we schould always find a while for a good book, for going to the cinema, to attend theatre from time to time and to go and visti a museum or some interesting exhibition a few times a year.