English speaking countries

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English is the world language, the language of international communication in many areas of life: trade, air and sea transport, tourism, sport and entertainment. More and more people also need English for studying at universities and colleges. New ideas in science, technology and medicine happen so quickly that is impossible and very expensive to translate everything into different languages. So most things are published in English, and if you want to study some subject, f.e. Biology or business, you need to know professional words and phrases.
It is spoken by around 350 million people. It is used as a first language in countries such as Australia, Canada, GB, Ireland, New Zealand, the USA and many of the countries in the Caribbean. In other countries it is used as a second language, it is a way in which people who have different languages communicate with each other. This is especially true in many parts of Africa and India. In these countries and former British colonies English is an official language.
The Commonwealth consists of most of the countries that were once parts of the British Empire. In these countries is English first or second language.
There are fifty members. Some are very large countries like Canada, India and Australia. Some are just small islands like Barbados and Tonga. The Head of the Commonwealth is the Queen. There is also a Secretary-General, who is chosen from any one of the fifty countries.
However, English in all these countries is not the same. Australian, American or Irish English has another pronunciation or stresses, so sometimes you cannot understand, although you can speak English.
USA has no official national language, but English is used like a natural language by all Americans, because is very simple. The American variety is popular between no-native speakers, too.
American English is simpler in spelling (harbor-harbour) and grammar (Do you have? – Have you?).