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Shopping is one of the most important part of our lifes in recent times. For the most of people it is an activity, which they are doing every day. The most important for the families is to buy the food. They can buy it in the stores, marketplaces, but in recent times was built a lot of malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets and other shopping centers, where you can buy everything what comes on your mind.
There is a lot of kinds of food shops. For example at bakery you can buy rolls, cookies and cakes, at butchery you can buy meet products. If you want to buy a fresh fruits and vegetables, the best thing to do is to go to the marketplace. Children like sweets, so you can buy it for them in a candy shops.
Nowdays it is especially a fashion shops which spreaded very quickly. It appeared many shops with the clothes from the fashion designers in comparsion with a normal original mark clothes like Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc. For example italian fashion – designers like Versace, Jannis etc. The clothes is starting to be very expensive. For example trademarks like Benetton or Boss – there you can buy common clothes three times more expensive than in other shops.
In the most of the malls and shopping centers you can buy everything from food over hardware to fashion. In these big stores you can pay by cash or by plastic money. It exists two kind of them: credit card (you have a credit limit at the bank or some other financial institution, you have to pay the money back to the bank later). There are a various types of the credit cards. It is divided by the companies, which are producing them – Access, MasterCard, Visa etc. The second kind is a debit card (you aren´t limitied that strictly as if you have a credit card, you can spare the money which you have at the bank plus some minus values from your account – but you have to pay the money back in some time period).

You can pay on the mall desk directly by the plastic money or you can withdraw the cash from the ATMs. But when you are using the plastic money, you have to pay the fees and taxes to the bank, where you have an account. So the banks is offering a supporting the plastic money very much.

Different kinds of shops:
• stalls - standing in the streets and squares or at the tube-stations (many of their keepers are Vietnamese)
- you can buy watches, jeans or shoes cheaper than anywhere else, but this goods often have terrible quality – lose colours, shape, …,
• self-service shops or supermarkets – bigger, you can buy also goods from chemist or ironmonger here
• hypermarkets – very large, sell all possible kinds of food and kitchen and house needs
• department stores – usually huge buildings equipped with speedy lifts and escalators, where you can buy almost everything from food to furniture
• big markets, which are sponsored from abroad, could be dangerous for small private shops, because they can push off them
• TV shopping – adverts on TV, you can phone and they will post you the goods
• Internet shopping – you search an Internet page of some shop and you can find the prizes and you can order some goods or duties, you can send money from your bank account for programs’ registration
• Interactive shops – in isn’t ordinary yet, they just try it in some countries, you can order something through your TV set – very comfortable

At a bakery you can buy bread, rolls, cookies, and cakes.
At a butcher shop you can buy meat and sausages.
At a clothing store you can buy clothes for men, women, or children.
At an electronics store you can buy TV sets and other electrical appliances.
At a florists you can buy flowers and plants.
At a garden shop you can buy grass seed, fertilizer, and garden supplies.
At a greengrocers you can buy vegetables and fruit.
At a hardware store you can buy tools, nails, and other building supplies.
At a shoe store you can buy shoes and shoe polish.
At a stationary store you can buy paper, stationery, and envelopes.
At a sweet shop you can buy cakes, pastries, candy, and ice cream.
At toy store you can buy dolls, games, balls, and other toys.

Shopping in our country x GB
Czech Republic
• in the Czech Republic there are more possibilities for private shops and duties after revolution in 1989
• shops aren’t only Czech, but also foreigner companies discovered our market for their business, we can meet with many foreigner shops (Makro, Bauhaus, Kauflland, Salamander…)
• our businessmen have to count with a big competition from abroad. It could be good for customers, because the Shopkeepers must keep the prices low.
• we can buy cloth in the boutiques, but there are all kinds of cloth very expensive, because those are originals
Great Britain
Big supermarkets; out of the city; people do big shopping; they pay with credit cards not in cash
Tesco – supermarkets for not very rich people, the goods isn’t arranged very well, lower prices
Harold’s – for very rich people, you don’t see prizes, staff is very polite, dressed in special costumes, it has got long tradition, you have to be well dressed to get in
Marks & Spencer – clothes shop, not very expensive for English
Body shop – small shops, very expensive, cosmetics, natural products, not tasted on animals, nothing artificial
Boots – chemist’s, cosmetic, detergents, in the USA also some refreshment