Traditions and holidays in the UK and the USA

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Holidays and anniversaries in Great Britain

    New Year’s day - January the 1st – titles and decoration are conferred by the queen, It usually takes place on the Trafalgar square
    St. Valentine’s day - February the 14th - a lovers feast. Young people send Valentine cards, usually without their sign and exchange gifts. The day was named after one clergy man who was executed
    St. David’s day - March the 1st the patron saint of Wales
    St. Patrick’s day - March the 17th the patron saint of Ireland. People often wear shamrock on that day, because it is the symbol of Ireland
    All Fools day - April the 1st , it is named after the custom of playing parricidal jokes and tricks on people and you can shout “April fool!”
    Easter - is celebrated as in the whole Europe. Easter eggs, dyed and decorated or made of confectionery symbolising new life are given as presents
    May day - is celebrated with dancing around Maypoles, the political parties of the left hold processions and public meetings
    Mothers day - 2nd Sunday in May
    The mid-summer’s day June 24th ,there is sunrise ceremony at Stonehenge. Somewhere the midsummer fires are lit as pre -Christian times when this ritual was performed to give strength to the sun and drive out the devil
    Official birthday - In June the Queen’s official birthday is celebrated. It is a great ceremony with a parade of the Queen’s guards and soldiers and ceremony of Trooping the colour at the gorse guards parade in London
    Halloween - in Britain is celebrated only in the North of England and Scotland, but is generally celebrated in the USA and Canada. Children dress up in Halloween costumes of ghosts, witches, wizards etc. they go to the neighbours houses and they say to the people “Trick or treat.” The children are given the sweets, fruit or money. the most common trick is soaping the windows. People make a lantern from a scraped pumpkin with eyes, nose and mouth. Then a candle is lit inside.
    Guy Fawkes Night - on November 5th , ther was the unsuccessful plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605 – it’s called the Gunpowder plot – the consecrations were executed. It is celebrated with bonfires, fireworks and the burning of guys
    St. Andrew’s day - November 30th, the patron saint of Scotland
    Christmas - 25th December, is family holiday in Britain
    Boxing day - 26th In the past apprentices and tradesmen collected money in boxes on that day. During Christmas time people sing carols and songs

    Important holidays in USA
    St. Patrick’s day - 17th March, originally it was an Irish holiday. St Patrick is the patron of the Irish people. On this day everywhere is green colour. The symbol of the day is shamrock.
    Easter - many homes organise “Easter egg hunt” – also the president
    Memorial day - It is celebrated 4th Monday in May. The American honour the dead of all wars
    Independence day 4th July, the birthday of the USA. typical of this day is the atmosphere and enjoyment, there are family beach party and the fireworks at night
    Columbus Day - 2nd Monday in October, This day commemorates Columbus landing in the New World
    Veteran’s day - November 11th
    Thanksgiving day - every 4th Thursday in November. It is a family holiday
    Valentine’s day - the same in Britain
    Halloween - the same in Britain