Od | Zasláno do sekce Angličtina | Ve 02-10-2008


In the past travelling from one place to another wasn´t so easy. People usually used to travel on foot, on a horseback, in carriages, later in trains. Nowadays, people often must travel every day.

There are many people, who must travel every day because of their job or because of their school. We call them commuters. They aren´t only students, who usually commute, they are also businessmen or people from small villages. Businessmen must often travel because of concluding of some contracts. Each summer or winter many people travel to foreign countries to their holidays. In summer the seashores are very attractive, and in winter the mountains attract many tourists. They want to have a rest, maybe also fun, make some sport, etc. Some people also want to get to know other people or learn about foreign cultures. They usually visit interesting places like Nepal, Tibet or South America.

In our country travelling is very popular, I think. After year 1989 we can travel everywhere, where we want to. It ´s great. There are many commuters. I think that Czechs like very much so-called package holiday. It is maybe more expensive then travelling on own hook, but I think that it is also more comfortable. Package holiday includes accommodation, transport to the place of holiday and back, food, insurance and service of a courier. Sometimes it can include some trips or another entertainment. It is usually arranged by travel agency. I think that it has got many advantages mainly for families with the small children or for retired people. But there are also very popular travelling through our. Many people have got their cottage, where they go every weekends. The business travelling grows and also many students must go to the big cities like Prague, Ostrava or Brno because the universities are only there.

The Czech Republic is today also very attractive place for holiday. It is mainly Prague, which attracts most of the tourists. There are many beautiful sights of interest and never-to-be-forgotten atmosphere in Prague. I mean mainly Lesser Town and Old Town. Also Czech mountains like Krkonoše or Šumava are visited by many tourists, mainly from Germany, Pollen or Austria. Other reasons can be different culture actions, which are taking place there. For example film festival Karlovy Vary or music festivals like Prague Spring, Rock for People or Trutnov Open Air. A big advantage, why people can visit our country, are the prices. Everything is here quite cheaper.

I have already said, that in the past people usually travel on a horseback. It was maybe cheaper and more adventurous, but I can imagine more comfortable mean of transport. Today we have got modern technologies. There is public transport, which his very important, in the big cities. It is quicker, because there is often traffic-jam. The kinds of public transport are the underground, the trams, trolley buses and buses. Bus transports people for quite short distances, mainly for commuting. Sometimes people travel by bus to foreign countries, so they travel by coach. The taxis are maybe more comfortable, but at the same time also more expensive. For example for commuting we can use trains. Nowadays, people can also travel by planes. It is fast, usually international transportation. After taking off people cannot smoke and use mobile phones. But it is very comfortable and luxury. During long journey people get some food, which is included in flying ticket. There are also cargo planes. People can choose first or second class according to price. People can, of course, travel by ship, it is typical for example for British channel. Passengers are transported by ferry. But now they can travel in tunnel. And bikes or motorbikes are very popular mainly among young people. The most typical mean of transport is still a car, I think that almost everyone has got his own car.

If people travel to the another places, they must somewhere stay. Businessmen or people on their holiday usually stay in hotels. That is comfortable. But they can stay also in motels or bungalow. People choose often the self-catering-villas for their holiday. It is place, usually a house or a flat, where they cook alone. Young people choose usually hostels. Students usually stay in the halls of residence during their studying. It is one kind of hostel. The second kind is B&B, it means bed and breakfast. It is very cheap. But some people love always sleeping in tent. I think camping is still romantic. In the last time young people also sleep open air, it is typical for some summer music festivals.

If people travel from one state to another, that they need a valid passports. Custom officers are quite hypersensitive to it. Sometimes people must have got also visa, we can get it at embassy. Czechs need visa for example for entry to USA, New Zealand or Ukraine. If people travel to the exotic countries, it is important to have vaccinations for example against malaria etc. And, of course, we should have got some money. WE must exchange money into hard currency at exchange office or in bank. IF we travel for longer time, we usually have got few pieces of luggage with clothes, food and so on. Businessmen usually hold suitcase, ladies handbags and young people rucksacks or bags. Everyone should keep the weight limits.